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Year? FC-170 Elliotsburg, Pa $3000

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1960s_fc170_elliotsburgHere’s an FC-170 with what I assume is a custom bed, though the tilt part is probably original.  Not a bad price if the rust situation isn’t too bad (can’t quite tell from the pics).

“I am unsure of the year exactly of the Jeep Willys. We think it is around the 60’s. The truck is an FC 170 3 spd transmission 6 cylinder Super hurricane. The motor has less than 5,000 miles and runs well. The truck has 105,600 original miles. It is four wheel drive, it has a PTO, hydraulic Winch, and a Dump bed. The truck runs good but has been off of the road for 5 years due to the owners death, and there for not inspected. If interested please contact me and I will get the best information I have for you. ”


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