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1942 MVD? Mooreville, Ms $4500


1942_mb_moorevilleI’ve not heard of an MVD?  It does appear to be an MB body.  The story behind the purchase is a bit odd.  He tried to convince his parents he didn’t want it, and just wanted to sell it, but has done a bunch of work on it?  hmmmm…..

“… Well, after weeks of trying to convince my parents that I do not want this thing, here it is up for sale to you. I will tell you what I know about the vehicle. Having personally worked on it, the Jeep runs very well, solid engine and drive train, four wheel drive works, all electrical items, except the fuel gauge. The fuel gauge needs the sensor in the tank, the actual gauge is fine. The outside paint actually looks good, orange in color. The soft top is showing some significant age, windows are whiting….”


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