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1947 CJ-2A Natick, Ma $1800


1947_cj2a_natickIt appears to be a good price.  I kinda wonder why it’s been bought and sold on craigslist so often.

“Nice old jeep! Runs great! goes through all speeds high and low range 12v converted.
tub in original patched up shape flat head 4 cyl brakes work great. It’s been on craigslist a few times. each owner has put a little more work into it. I don’t have a title or vin tag. excelent for parts with bill of sale. ”


5 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Natick, Ma $1800

  1. Eric

    I own this Jeep. Strange to see it pop up here on this site.
    I guess I can answer that question. The original Vin Tag is Missing.
    and the guy I bought it from said he’d give it to me when he found it. the guy before him took it off, so it wouldn’t get stolen.
    but The kid I got it from can’t ever seem to find it.
    What can I do I Love the Jeep! But I will never be able to drive it on the road.
    I don’t really want to sell it. My wife won’t let me bring it to my house.
    catch 22 I guess.

  2. dave

    hmm.. i tried responding via my phone, but lost sevefal responsea. so i’ll respond more tomorrow. — dave

  3. deilers

    (lol .. this is what I wrote last night before my phone choked ..)
    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the update on the VIN Tag. Given I spend a good chunk of time daily searching for flatties for sale, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see your jeep pop up here (though I doubt I find them all).

    As for the VIN Tag and TItle options:
    1) Purchase a VIN from someone else
    2) Depending on the motor laws in your state, find a VIn number somewhere on the jeep. In some states, you can substitute the serial number from your motor (located on the flat boss, directly behind the water pump, and ahead of the cylinder head on your motor).
    3) Learn what it takes to get a new title in your state.

    Feel free to ask any additional questions

    – Dave

  4. Eric

    Hey Dave!
    Thanks for the info on the #’s behind the water pump.
    It’s hard to give up on this jeep I remember when I was 16 and my parents
    said no as a first car. 16 yrs later I finnaly get one!!
    and I still can’t drive it down the road….legally..that is.
    anyone out there selling a vin tag I’d be interested.
    Thanks again -Eric

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