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An old Willys in the Afghan Desert

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I happily received an email today from the eWillys Afghan bureau (I didn’t even know I had one).  Here’s what our intrepid ‘reporter’ Lt. Buck wanted to share with all of us.  Thanks Buck!

We were out on patrol outside of Pol-e-charki Afghanistan the other day when we came across a Soviet-era junkyard behind some hills. It was full of all kinds of random things including airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, tanks and Russian knock-offs of DUKWs and Ford SEEPs. In and amongst this was something I think you and your website viewers would love. A mid-1950s 2-door Willys 4wd Wagon with the data plates intact (which I unscrewed and put on my wall)! Not much left to save and needless to say it’s not for sale, unless you want to pay the Taliban.









8 Comments on “An old Willys in the Afghan Desert

  1. deilers


    All you need to do is rent a plane and a paramilitary or mercenary group and get yourself down to Afghanistan. The good news is the bumper itself is free.

    – Dave

  2. Brian

    I though of placing a add on craigslist for a paramilitary or mercenary group. Then I stopped when I realized it would be against some treaty. However if I could afford Halliburton my problem would be solved. Also the drivers door doe’s not look to bad…

  3. Greg

    I’ve flown by this area, thought it was all russian stuff. Be careful poking around out there, land mines and taliban are a dangerous combination.

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  6. Dan B.

    Well that’s a new “field find.” Those are really cool data plates.

    (And thanks to everyone for their service).

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