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1949 CJ-3A Shasta Lake, Ca **SOLD**


1949_cj3a_shastalakeUPDATE:  SOLD FOR ASKING PRICE

James’ has done a great deal of work on this CJ-3A.  It’s got some great updates.  He has added a pretty complete list of what’s been updated in the Ad.

“This is a registered 1949 CJ2A but the tub is a DJ3A (No Tailgate). Heavily modified but still a nice city driver. Stripped down to frame. powdercoated all body parts except tub(fenders/grill/hood/bezels/windshield frame,all interior floor panel pieces)done by FRP customs. Body was a little rougher than wanted for powdercoat, no rust, completely stripped just didn’t want to bondo, painted flat hunter green uerathane. All Stainless fasteners. Interior fully lined as well as inside front fenders. Updated drivetrain and brakes. Full Bestop soft top and doors also have bikini top….”


5 Comments on “1949 CJ-3A Shasta Lake, Ca **SOLD**

  1. jamesholden

    yeah, been floating around since the 5th. seems the market dictates the price, guess with everyone getting booted from their homes, theiy’re not to worried about top dollar for their hobbies. not to worried, live 5 miles from chappie ohv, so we’ve been having fun. got about 10 hits including 2 locals i know that want to swap $1000 and a saginaw low 4 for the muncie. hate to seperate but if really wanted $ for the family truckster i could, then lower this one to the low 4’s. once again i’m just glad it back off the road. i ended up wiring on my own, with the drop in copper $ing, couldn’t afford not to. u sand i’ll wire anytime.

  2. jamesholden

    i thought that long list on the add was the upgrades. it definitely isn’t sporting a 4 banger and 3 speed. as to not listed, definitely a cam that gives an idle you could walk along side and a real long shifter you can reach without leaning foward.


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