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Year? MB/GPW Pelham, NC **SOLD**

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Aaron picked this jeep up for only $520 on eBay!

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6 Comments on “Year? MB/GPW Pelham, NC **SOLD**

  1. Aaron Johnston

    Actually I got it for 520 bucks. Looks to be restorable and it will be my first restoration. I’m planning to go this weekend and pick it up. I wonder what else I will find.


  2. mmdeilers Post author

    HI Aaron,

    Congrats on the purchase. Did you find it through ewillys or searching on ebay or ?

    I’d love to get some pics of it to see what you’ve got. Some periodic updates on your restoration progress would be fun, too.

    Thanks for the update,

    – Dave

  3. Aaron Johnston

    Actually I found it here and jumped over to Ebay and placed a low ball bid. I never expected to get it for 520 bucks. It think is does have the Pinto engine (is it upside down?) but I can tell what tranny. Any guesses? They cut a section of the floor out so it would fit (or it rusted). Looks like an MB/GWP tub that someone (Bubba?) cut a tailgate in it. And judging by the color by my guess, it was either a mining jeep or highway safety. I was looking at the pics and it looks like it might have combat rims on it. But it’s hard to tell with the weeds. And looking in the backgrourd of the pics he may have some more MB/GPW parts scattered about. I’m excited to go get her. I’ve wanted one of these for as long as I can remember.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Excellent .. I’m always happy to hear when someone’s been able to use the site for their benefit!


    – Dave

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