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Builds — More pics from Gerald

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Here’s some more pics from Gerald.

“Here’s a picture of me with the same tires back in 83.  Taking the turn hard in our 46 2A.”


I have several sets of wheels and tires.  Guess they are kind of like shoes. 225 75 15 mud and snow on CJ steel rims on my 3B  before green paint next to my brother’s M-38.


Here’s the CJ-3B with 700 16 Non Directional military tread on 4.5 x 16 rims

LT 245 75 16 All Terrain on black spoke wheel 16 x 7, good  tires but heavy,


700 x 15 bias ply Good Year work horse on old split rims with tubes, great snow plow tire for chains and drag racing,

33 12 15 bias all terain tires on 8 1/2 x 15 steel wheels I love these rims but the tires are just too big.

Finally my new set of mini terras.  I have a couple more combos I would like to try but they will have to wait.



2 Comments on “Builds — More pics from Gerald

  1. greg

    Curious about the 8.5 x 15 steel wheels in the next to last photo. Do you have a side view of these wheels? Do the tires rub with this combo?

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