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Bender, Notchers and a Roller

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harbor_freight_tubing_rollerToday I ran across an Harbor Freight Ad for a tubing roller for only $139.  That got me wondering if I could use that for bending too.  So, I went did some searches on the HF tubing roller and read some pretty postive reviews for it in a variety of forums.  That said, the bending radius is too big for rollcage angles and corners in most cases.

So, I did some additional looking around at low priced benders and notchers.  As I went, I recorded some sites that I felt others might be interested in looking at.

One of the more interesting tidbits I found was a Tubing Coping Calculator that creates a 2 dimensional cutout for tracing around a tubing (in place of a notcher).

Building your own — Free plans:

Tubing benders:

Tube Notcher:


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