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Our intrepid Afghan Bureau Chief, Buck, has safely returned from his all-expenses paid stay in Afghanistan, courtesy of the Federal Government.  He’s jumped back into his restoration project and had this positive report to file about his experience with experience.

Buck writes, “I am nearing the end of my jeep restoration and was in need of data plates for the jeep. I had only the original patents plate left because all the others were long lost in the annals of time so replacements were required. I began the research and started talking with Robert at (a small business in the Netherlands).  Luckily the serial number was still readable so I was able to have him stamp the appropriate information onto the plates. Everything is dead-nuts accurate down to the fasteners and the font on the stamping. Take a look, the man does outstanding work and reasonable as well…I paid $156 USD for all four plates, stamping, fasteners, and shipping from Holland. As you can tell there is no way I can be disappointed with the result.






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  1. jamesholden

    Very nice plates, but the pricing is a bit high compared to some other places. You can check the cj2a page, under parts made by members. Its about $20-40 for all plates. You’ll note in the link below that komori says “Can do any plate you want. These two or any one you can send me a pic of for $15 plus shipping and even engrave your #s for free. ”

    Here is the link

  2. jamesholden

    censored? really? that cat jacked that guys thread! read it. komori started a thread to show his wears. dataplates came along and jacked it. he could just as easily started a new thread.

    have a good one

  3. Joshua Roach

    Hands down Robert’s plates from are best when it comes to gpw mb plates and I would assume the same is true for civi jeep plates. If your doing a quality restoration these are the ones to go with. In my case the original data plate was missing but I had the frame number on my gpw. Robert stamped new numbers using a plate from his collection that was near mine in serial number as reference then sent me a photo copy. He stamped the numbers in the same fashion pointing different angles and slightly sloping and Identical font and size punches to what was originally used. He also does excellent repair work constructing new corners so they can accept new rivets. His attention to detail is what makes each plate a masterpiece.

  4. deilers


    Actually, I prefer to think of it as editing. I simply didn’t understand what you were trying to say about the other thread and, being in the middle of a busy day at work, I elected to edit that chunk out. Note that I’ve also edited comments any time I think I can improve the comment in a way that helps readers understand it.

    Now that I’m home from work and you have explained more clearly what troubled you about that thread, I can see what bothered you. But, since I know nothing about this situation, if there is any issue between those two data plate sellers, I think it’s best settled between them through that thread or in some other place.


    – Dave

  5. Bob

    Nice, except for a CJ2A it should say “Willys-Overland” motors, not “Willys Motors.” That should be for a post April 1953 Jeep.

  6. Jim Boswell

    On a completely different part of this, do not get caught by your local MVD, DMV removing and replacing your VIN plates, its a huge crime and they get very “fussy” about it. I was put through hell in Phoenix by some over achiever who saw new hardware on the VIN plate for a freshly restored M38A1. He had a fit, then grew even more upset claimed I had “welded and ground” the numbers off the frame. As most of us know, military frames have no numbers, just VIN/data plates etc, took me a very long time to educate these idiots but they stood by the point that you are not allowed to remove the VIN plates for any reason, blah, blah, blah and so on.

  7. John Waddle

    I had dataplates4u do my vin tag. See April 28 2009 John’s 1951 cj3a. I’ll have Robert do all my work. As for changing tags or #’s In Ohio you just have to get an inspection done. With proper papers you can get a title made through the clerk of courts.

  8. wilfredo chavez

    My name is Wilfredo chavez. I live in Carrollton tx US , I paid for two Willy’s data plate but Rober send me only one , so please sen me the other one, you could check my order. Thanks.

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