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1946 VEC CJ-2A Vista, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  This seller also restored this CJ-2A with a similar theme.

A well executed and creative build.  These are exactly the kinds of non traditional restorations I’d like to see more of that properly record the wide and varied deployment of the jeep.

The builder/seller writes, “1946 Willys V.E.C. CJ2A #14, 422 – County Sheriff  Patrol Jeep: I’m relisting this beautiful Willys with a lower reserve. However, don’t make the mistake of believing that I’m giving it away!  I just recognize that the market is soft right now.  I know what I have put into this restoration.  This is my fourth and final restoration of a 1946 Willys Civilian Jeep (CJ) 2A.

I became interested in the 1946 CJ-2A because it was the first production 4 wheel drive vehicle available to the public and is the grandfather of all modern SUVs.  This particular CJ-2A restored as a Sheriff Patrol Jeep was restored as a tribute to my own Grandfather who was a deputy sheriff in Southern California during the 1940’s and early 1950’s.  This CJ-2A is a faithful restoration of the type patrol vehicle that may have been used by the sheriff in the California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona back-country. The Federal siren and all Unity lights are period vintage police equipment.  The STOP light on the left front fender is a vintage Griffin model used by Military Police on jeeps during the Second World War.


“It has taken me two years to collect all the vintage parts for it and well over a year to complete the restoration. Although I already own a VEC CJ2A, (Serial. #14,412) I disregarded my wife’s casual observation regarding my complete insanity and I took on this project because I wanted to do… just one more.  I enjoy the process and locating the components that make this particular vehicle especially unique.  It is a jeep thing.  Anyway, as I mentioned above, I began with a “theme” in mind and at completion, this jeep was to represent what a Sheriff’s desert Patrol vehicle of the period might have looked like.  Growing up in the desert myself, I probably spent too much time watching Roy Rogers and his side-kick use Roy’s horse, “Trigger” and his partner’s jeep, “Nelly Belle” as the two tracked down the bad guys every week on TV!

I insisted that all law enforcement components were vintage, original period equipment.  On the front right fender is a model “O” Federal police siren.  It is very loud.  On the left front fender is a vintage Griffin military police STOP light (the type used by MPs in WWII) and after the war, would have been a natural adaptation for civilian police use.  The front bumper boasts a pair of vintage 6 inch Unity Mfg. cobalt blue & red lens police lamps wired for a wig-wag alternating flash.  Additionally, I installed a pair of vintage 6 inch Unity driving/fog lights.  With the siren, red lens STOP light, alternating blue & red lens flashers, and amber lens lights blazing, a bad guy would certainly have known that the Sheriff had arrived!  Mounted on the rear (driver’s side) is a vintage Unity amber lens lamp wired for duty as a law-enforcement Amber caution flasher.  Another vintage Unity lamp was added as a rear back-up lamp and is mounted on the rear bumper next to the tow plate.  In addition, like any sheriff patrol vehicle, this jeep comes equipped with a beautiful vintage Unity hand-held spotlight mounted on a post , just behind the shift levers, between the driver and passenger seats and within easy reach of the driver.  The spot light can also be mounted on a bracket fixed on top of the windshield frame, just to the right of center.  Behind each front seat are canvas bags for first aid kits, flares, bullets and shotgun shells and other associated items.  Because these early jeeps did not yet feature a glove box or trunk, I fitted this jeep with a locking metal 9mm ammunition case between the driver and passenger seats. I made this modification on my “keeper” and use it all the time.  So, although it is not original equipment, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll use this little feature!  The jeep comes with a brand new, original specification, Summer Canvas Top from Beachwood Canvas ® (not cheap but only one of two companies that still makes the originals, and is by far, the best quality).  Of course, it has original top bows to support the canvas top. The jeep even comes with a shotgun butt-mount bracket (not mounted but comes with the jeep.  I left this detail to the buyer’s discretion).  Of course, the upholstery is also brand new.  I had it done in black textured vinyl because it looks good with the flat-grey paint scheme that I selected.

When I purchased this vehicle for restoration, the only rust damage was under the toolbox (front passenger seat).  I had this professionally replaced with metal.  Except for this one spot, the rest of the vehicle was rust free and in excellent condition.  The undercarriage was thoroughly cleaned and undercoated.  As you can see in the pictures, this jeep really is in outstanding condition and I restored it with idea that it would be used and enjoyed by someone who also enjoys driving a bit of history.

It is ready to go and is the ultimate, really cool toy.  When you drive it, you discover that you’ll sort of become your very own parade of one vehicle!  You can expect people to stare, honk, wave their recognition, ask questions at stop lights and generally appreciate this unique vehicle.   The engine has less than 100 miles since the rebuild was completed.  It actually purrs (with the exception of a single, occasional noise it sometimes makes after start up and while at idle, by something that two different mechanics have not been able to figure out.  Whatever it is, it goes away with a change of rpm and doesn’t come back). Of course, all the gauges work as they should.  The transmission and drive train work perfectly in all gears.  I did equip it with the later model Warn hubs because they are just a lot easier to operate than the older flip-leaver type hubs (call it artistic license)…”















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