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Pictures: A handcrank heater and M37

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If my addition is correct, readers have located 6 rare Stewart handcrank heaters in the US & UK.  They are rare enough that the antique Road Show people couldn’t get any information about them from their buyers (see the 2nd to last post on this page).

Dennis, who’s heater is featured here, decided to fire up his heater at night, creating this cool picture.  He also sent an unrelated artsy pic of an M37 he thought he’d share.  Thanks!




5 Comments on “Pictures: A handcrank heater and M37

  1. Joshua Roach

    Wow, Dave you have made yourself the place to got to track these heaters! Went to the War Hawk Museum recently they have another one; must have been hiding the first time I spotted one there. So to be clear they have two, that would bring the total to 7. Watch out you may need to change the name of the website and put in a heater locator map. only kidding. Thanks again for the great site.

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