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Reader Builds: A reader tows home a part’s jeep

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UPDATE:  There was some interest in the Capstan winch from David’ part’s jeep that I featured the other day.  Here’s some additional views of it.

You can still find parts for Capstan winches here, though they are out of the Capstan kits (which cost $2,650).  Brian also runs a ‘Capstan’s for sale’ page, but appears all sold out at the moment.   And here’s a little nautical history of the Capstan winch from wikipedia.  And here’s some info from the CJ-3B page on the Ramsey Capstan Winch, including some pics of the brochure.






David picked this up for a parts jeep and wanted to share it.  I told him he should have put “home or bust” on the sign on the back of the jeep.





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