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1941 Slat Grille MB Yuba City, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“first production run, original running gear, runs and drives great, $3500.00 obo or possible trade for boat or 4×4 truck”



11 Comments on “1941 Slat Grille MB Yuba City, CA **SOLD**

  1. jamesholden

    talked with this guy, might be the best buy you’ve posted. slat grille original hangers still there. some mods, nothing to serious. if i could find that slat crawler in sac, i would have picked them both up.

  2. jamesholden

    actually it’s a standard mb grille, but the front clip is slat original (unverified) looks like a willys extender at the rear. getting it in shape doesn’t seem bad if it can be verified. it does have early mb glove box, and that is a good sign

  3. Boomer

    Actually if it’s an early MB (1941 dated slat grill) it should NOT have a glove box. Glove boxes were not added till ser# 120680 (early to mid Feb. 1942).

  4. deilers

    Somehow I missed the link with the picture. Yes, that’s a great looking combo. Do you know any history about it? If you’d like to share it with readers, send me some pics to and I’ll feature it.

    This discussion between you, I and James has made me realize that I haven’t really explored the unique features of the slat grille beyond the grille. So, I think I’ll create some posts that cover this and similar topics (I’ll have to do some detailed reading on the G503 site as well).

  5. Boomer

    My slatt came from the original owner, who bought it 1946. It was originally bought from an Army Air station in Maine. Total slatt grill production was approximately 25,000 units. Or or approximately 3 percent of total WW2 jeep production. Of those only about 10 to 15 percent were equipped with a glove box. My research figures there to be barely 150 running/restored slatt grills left in exhistance world wide.
    Reguarding the trailer, it was saved by me from a local farm. It was being used as a horse trough. Date of delivery was June 1943. Made by Willys otherwise known as MBT.
    This is how I found it;
    Nearly finished,

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