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More Great Willys from Colombia

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The eWillys Bogota-Col0mbia/Butler-Pennsylvania reporting bureau has contributed another great batch of pictures from Colombia.   When’s the last time you were out with so many nearly stock flatties? Clearly, Colombia will have to be a must-stop location on my trip around the world. Thanks for sharing Sebastian!

Sebastian writes:  I was able to put together some pictures of Willys near Bogota. As you can see, these pictures are very different from those that I shared with eWillys readers previously. Most of the Willys in Colombia are located near the coffee plantations, which is lower in elevation compared to Bogota (4500′ msl vs. 7500′ msl). In Bogota you don’t really see highly loaded jeeps; plus, since it is colder and rains constantly, every one has a soft top. These pictures are from a Willys ride last month. My father took my CJ-3B at the end of August for a nice ride with the “Willys Country Club” of Colombia. This is the club that we belong down there; Dad usually rides with them on his CJ-3A [editor’s note:  that’s the pic in the upper right].

The “Willys Country Club” of Colombia is a remarkable group (established in 1995). As you can see below, their Willys are in excellent shape. Even though I have ridden with them on many occasions, my 3B is not officially one of the club jeeps since they only allow low hoods. That is the reason why my father usually takes his CJ-3A.

I am attaching a map that hopefully will help you to understand Colombia better.









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