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The “Jeep Coat” aka The Mackinaw Jacket

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While doing some research, I wandered through and happened upon a “jeep coat”. Having never heard of one of these, I did a quick search and landed on the site.  The Olive-drab reports “the heavy ‘Coat, Mackinaw, OD’ was issued initially in 1938, intended for cold weather use by troops who did not engage in much movement, such as drivers.”  You can learn more about the different versions of coat at the olive drab website.

The coat at is for sale, priced at $135.  The description of the coat, issued in 1944, is as follows:  This is final pattern Mackinaw field jacket commonly called a jeep coat. Jacket is in overall used condition and is stained to back and front, sleeves. Lightly frayed at cuffs, but there is no overall holes are damages. Perfect for the reinactor. All buttons present to front. We could not locate spec tag, but size tag states size 38 to collar.


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