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Builds: Jim finds a nice old CJ-3B

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Jim, take it away and thanks for sharing!

So I got a call today, woman says she has a1953 plow jeep she wants to get rid of. She said her deceased father, a mechanic, owned it for more than 40 years and used it to plow his business etc. When I hear plow jeep, Im thinking piece of rusty crap thats been worked to death etc. I have a driveway thats 1/3 of a mile long and I will need a plow this winter so I went to take a look.

Man, was I shocked, a completely (except orange paint) original 1953 CJ3B, 6 volt, uncut, runs great, has brakes, chains on all four studded tires, nice original seats, 15″ stock wheels, no rust to speak of, super straight, soft top frame with a tarp over it, still has the snap in carpet kit. Some one had obviously loved it for many, many years. Under that layer of dust is a really nice jeep and after a long heart to heart talk, its now mine for very little money!

I brought it home and tested it out.  Everything works great, brakes, heater etc but there is a weird knocking on the engine, seems to come go at time so Im thinking someone dropped a bolt or something into the carb and it is knocking on top of a piston. I will know for sure when I pull the head in a few days but overall it is in excellent condition. I couldnt tell you the last time I bought a flat fender with a full on complete snap in carpet kit, very cool!










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