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Windshield Glass Template for CJ-3A?


UPDATE: Jim gave me some good advice on going with some ‘flat glass’ shops rather that windshield specific shops.  I’ve asked for some quotes and will provide updates on my quest.  Thanks Jim!

I need to have a windshield cut and I don’t have the old windshield glass to use as a template.  I’ve gotten one quote for about $200 to have the glass templated, cut and installed (which seems a bit high to me).  I think if I had the template, I could get the price lowered. Anyone have such a template?

Then I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be useful to have a series of windshield glass templates for a variety of jeeps in PDF form that could be downloaded and printed (probably have to printed at a Kinkos).  If anyone knows of any existing templates online, please let me know.


2 Comments on “Windshield Glass Template for CJ-3A?

  1. jamesholden

    somewhere i have posted dimensions for a 3a glass from my last project. google it. i believe i also found something about subtracting overall rough frame dimension from rubber. when replacing mine, quotes were 60-100 i installed, use twine, 10mm rope whatever, place glass in rubber, put rope in outer seal push against glass pull rope

  2. deilers

    Hi James,

    Yeah, I tried a variety of google searches to no avail. That’s a rational approach to calculating the size. Do you know where you posted it?

    I also found a site that suggests using weed wacker line instead of rope, which sounded like a good idea to me.


    – Dave

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