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1946 VEC CJ-2A Shasta Lake, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** .. and it is heading to Norway.  Congrats to James and to the new owner (whom I hope sends pics of it from Norway!). James wants to thank Ron from the G503 Site for helping out with this.

James has decided to sell his 1946 VEC CJ-2A #18526, column shift, driver’s indents, no rust. original docs and rear glass light.  It works great and is in fantastic shape.  He simply wants to have something he can modify and he doesn’t want to modify this CJ-2A because it is in such good shape.

James writes: It has original motor and all ACMs match 8057.  A lot of work was done in 1985 at  Archer Bros, Hayward. Motor wa rebuilt at 51k and is now at almost 62k.  There is no rust.  The springs and shackles not original; instead it has a superlift 2.5″.  The top bow side holders and rear corner brackets have been removed.  The front bumper mount has one ‘bubba weld’ and the rear bumper removed.  I have the original rear light, trailer socket cover, and vacuum wiper. There are rear ‘bubba’ 4″ cutouts for lights.  I’m the 4th owner and have lots of reciepts and docs.  The Original owner had it until  1985, the 2nd to 2007, the 3rd to last year then me.   This cj is a blast to drive and my family loves it, but I just can’t mod it like I want.  It has survived 63 years without any major mods and I don’t have the heart to start ripping it up now.

****SOLD ****

Pic from when first purchased, before James cleaned it up a little:


Recent pic — James pulled off the diamond plating  and, to his amazement, found no rust or damage:



6 Comments on “1946 VEC CJ-2A Shasta Lake, Ca **SOLD**

  1. Jim Boswell

    James, what are the tires in the second picture (with no cage) size, make (BFG mud grip?) where you got them, etc? I like them very much and am always seeking stock type tires, love to see someone else that removes all the modern junk and goes back to old school! Jim

  2. jamesholden

    jim, yep goodyear wrangler mud grip 7.00×15, measures out to a 32×7 pretty aggressive. was gonna sell them last year as they didn’t fit the build so didn’t bother finding correct rims till i got this cj. when i googled, couldn’t find much other than some people back east that used them, and my cl listing. guess they were military spec, might find them on gov auctions. glad i didn’t sell them. thanks for the compliment on the ride, this ones made it 60+ years unmolested, i can’t do it but the cage might go in sporatically dependent on conditions. i’m actually always looking and it seems i need another cj that i’ll feel comfortable in upside down. james

  3. jamesholden

    sold! vicking/frank is the proud new owner of 18526. it is on it way to norway via grants pass oregon and the help of ron (g503). i am happy it is going to someone with appreciation for an original vec. i will update dave with some pics of the beginning of its journey.

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