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Club Run: Flatties on the Slick Rock in Utah

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I’ve seen lots of pics of modified vehicles that crawl the slickrock of Southern Utah; so. it’s a nice change to see these two classic jeeps cover the trails without issue.

Randall writes, I thought maybe some other old school jeepers might like to see a few photos of a recent club outing to Moab.  The jeeps did great and the scenery was absolutely awesome. The “slickrock” on “Fins&Things” and “Hell’s Revenge” trails was amazing.

The M38 is a 1952, all stock with four banger, T-90, and Dana 44 with 5:38’s.  The other is a ’52 3A.  Also bone stock with Dana 41.  The only upgrade on it is 11″ brakes and 12v.  This was our first trip, but probably won’t be our last.  We went the first week of Nov. and hit great weather by luck.  We’d hoped to have more jeeps make it but too many conflicts for everyone.  Had a blast with just four of us in the two jeeps.  They climbed just about anything a sane, middle aged man would need to climb and the gears made descents very doable with little need for much braking.  HOWEVER, I was glad the brakes were in very good condition when we first went down some of the trails.





3 Comments on “Club Run: Flatties on the Slick Rock in Utah

  1. Dan

    I love it. People forget what the old original Jeeps were capable of. Climbing around Moab in those tall and skinny NDT tires is just great.

  2. Gavin

    Hey Everyone, I’m from Moab Utah. I am trying to put together a flat fending gathering in Moab, Utah for spring of 2016.

    I will have a website posted soon giving information and registrations.


  3. Roy1959CJ3b

    The different’s between todays jeep and yesterdays jeep. you need a crane to get the old jeep out of the holes dug by the new style jeeps!! 🙂 🙂 Gavin count me in for Moab next year. Will finish being moved to Clearfield By the first June. Hope to join a jeep club in the Utah area. (old school) 🙂

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