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Builds: Gary and his Friend Lawrence

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Gary has become a regular reader.  His green CJ-5 is undergoing a makeover, with a body purchased off craigslist coupled with a rebuilt motor (134 F is in the machine shop), including a new engine kit and re-ground crank.  You can see his starting jeep in the pic below. Gary is also working on a spare tire carrier for the back of his CJ-5 which he plans to share when it is finished.  Thank for sharing!

Gary also provided pics of his friend Lawrence’s jeeps.


The first of Lawrence’s jeeps is a CJ-2A which he cut and converted to a two wheel drive truck. Lawrence is pictured here.


The next is a cj3B with a 2.8 chevrolet engine and a T14 transmission. (He calls it a John Deere Jeep).


Last is a M38 A1, with a few upgrades.



6 Comments on “Builds: Gary and his Friend Lawrence

  1. jay hollenbeck

    I wold like to see more of the truck also. I wonder if it is on a later frame or modified frame?

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  3. Chris

    On that modified truck it looks like its on a modified frame, look at the front alxle rear leaf spring hanger and the transmission cross member.

  4. deilers

    I figured that was 2wd truck frame. I’d need to see the pics from a different angle to tell for sure what has been done to the hanger and the cross member (or could be i’m not quite awake yet)

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