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3 Flat Fender Projects Wenatchee, Wa

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There’s a variety of parts and projects here with prices that vary.

“1st jeep has the most potential and while the picture does not show it, it has a grille and other parts that can be put together to make a good one. It has rear diamond plate for the corners and diamond plate for the sides. It does have a windshield that needs put together. No seats or titles on any of them. It has saginaw front end which is optional I will keep it if you want to dicker. If you plan to install a bigger engine I will keep the engine and transmission and transfer case too. Engine is a L head than turns over by hand but someone got the carb and starter. It has a roll bar of sorts. Price depends on if you want the saginaw and engine. $300 with out all that. $650 with all that.

2nd jeep is a basket case and frames front has cracked totally off. But it has a round cross bar that can be used on the first jeep that some idiot cut off the original and put L iron to fit the saginaw on it. Or you can weld it back together and start a rebuild of a second jeep. it has axles but no power plant or transmission or transfer case. $150 for it.

The third is just a body and hood. It was a rare long body that someone cut down to a CJ3A size. Welds need to be finished on that part. Body could be used on one of the other two if you wanted. Might have another windshield in need of repair for it too. $200 for it.

As I said no titles but they can be gotten. I believe data tags are on one at least. I have extrea transfer cases that may need rebuild for $100. And some other extra parts for those that buy all three of them. Including axles. Have other small parts that I will make deal on if you buy all. I just need parts to finish my 2A. Might consider trading for things I need for the 2A like seats or guns or other old interesting item. Especially jeep PTO’s for the front and back or an overdrive. Or Jeepster parts from 48 and 49. I am keeping the roll cage for the 3A for now. But with the right offer will sell it too. It is one that is done well with sides that fit the contour of the CJ2 and 3A frame. $450. These are projects as you can see. And as I said I have hundreds of various small parts too for sale. And for the right trade or take all I will think about a better deal. Also have a F head that needs gone through. It used to turn over by hand but now doesn’t. has a regular oil filter system on it for spinning oil filters and upgraded carb. Long story. $250. Had it in a flat fender and it ran then.



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