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Enjoying the Holidays

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I’ve been enjoying some fun time with my kids during the past week; driving the jeep has become one of the favorite activities, despite the freezing temps.  I finally got brave enough to let Karson drive off in it by himself (well, only around the block).  So, here’s a video of it for those interested.

One of the things I’ve been noticing as I watch the video is that the jeep slopes backwards more than intended.  But, that doesnt’ trouble me too much, because I had planned to change out the stock XJ springs for some XJ springs with a 2″ lift.  Well, either that or I can mount the springs over the top.  For now, they’ll work fine though.


3 Comments on “Enjoying the Holidays

  1. Simon

    That was funny!! I’ve got a few years before my kids will be old enough to drive one of my jeeps!!

    Have a Great Xmas Dave and keep up the great work on the site!!

  2. greg

    I was smiling throughout the entire video Dave. Reminds me of the first time my dad let me drive his CJ3A about 40 years ago. Also brings me to the first time my daughter drove mine just a few short months ago. Merry Christmas, and thanks again for the effort on this site.

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