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1942 MB Slat Grille Hathaway Pines, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The seller provides a very nice overview of the jeep.

“This is an extremely rare 1942 Slat Grill Jeep.  Depending on where you look, different sources indicate that between 25 and 300 of these Jeeps are known to exist today.

The number plate on this Jeep shows that it is number 113424 (the 1’s are punched as I’s-see photo).  This is the numbering for the Jeep, and does not indicate that 113,424 of these were made.  Rather, the first 25,000 Jeeps ever made were Slat Grills, and the vast majority have been destroyed.  I have had this Jeep for several years, and it has a clear California title.   There are no registration issues since it has been registered non-operational so that no back fees accumulated while I stored it.

From what I can know and can tell:
I bought the jeep with an F-head motor and replaced it with the correct L-Head motor, but the motor is an aftermarket Kaiser Motor rather than a Willys.   The motor which is in it is a Kaiser Supersonic, and since its rebuild 12 years ago, has been run for only a few hours.  Unfortunately, I no longer have the rebuild receipt but it was rebuilt professionally…..”







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