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Builds: Dan’s CJ-5 Down to the Frame

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Dan continues to make steady progress on restoring his grandfather’s CJ-5.  You can see previous reports here.

He reports, “The Jeep is down to the frame and axles. I have a new rear cross member on order. The old one was all bent and rusted. The rear hitch was all bent as well. I found a vintage hitch that is actually straight that I will be using. Once the new rear cross member is on I’ll get all the frame welding completed and then coat it with some Interstate One Step Rust Killer. It is less expensive than POR15 and easier to use but still has impressive results. My goal was to get all the frame work done this winter and I just might get there.”

Here’s a couple pics:



Here’s the front of the jeep:



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  2. Thomas

    Where are you? What city and state? Can I get your address and phone number please? Are you flexible on the price?

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