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Willys Truck Tailgate Laurel, DE $2000

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No pictures.  Is this tailgate really so rare?

“I have a super rare Willys pickup tailgate stamped with the W over the O that became the most recognized Willys Overland symbol. It is in very good condition. While the pickup remained the same from the 40’s to the 60’s, this tailgate was only made from 49-52……..and I challenge you to find one available for sale. replies MUST have WILLYS in the subject or I will delete as spam. Will consider all sorts of possible trade material….motorcycles, tools, firearms….what do you have?”


4 Comments on “Willys Truck Tailgate Laurel, DE $2000

  1. S. Carter

    Are you kidding? is it gold plated too and no picture. get real, you can buy a complete truck for less. some people

  2. deilers

    That’s what I was thinking .. I thought maybe there was something I didn’t know.

    Thanks bro!

    – Dave

  3. Kevin

    He might be challenging me to find one nicer for sale…but I rather doubt he will sell it for any where close to what he is asking, perhaps it was a misprint and it’s really for sale @ $200.00.

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