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1941? MB? Spokane, Wa $900

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UPDATE:  More pics available and price dropped to $900.  Are those mini hood scoops on the front?

(12/31/09) This has a solid back, so it’s possible this is a WWII jeep of some kind.  However, it’s pretty rough looking.

“v8. sitting for 30 years. 900.00 OBO. call joe 509-216-6627”


9 Comments on “1941? MB? Spokane, Wa $900

  1. deilers

    It might look slightly weird due to the lack of a radiator, which lets light slip through behind the grille. I think it makes the tines look narrower than normal. I don’t think the headlights on the outside help either.

    – D

  2. bluejeans

    i have been curious about this jeep. i called the back in november but was discouraged that it didn’t have a title. however as he has relisted it i might go take a look this week (i’ll be driving through spokane.)
    he says its a 41 but i haven’t been able to find that there was an mb made in 41..
    so if i do go look at it can anyone tell me hat to look for to correctly acertain just what it is?

  3. deilers

    Hi bluejeans,

    Here’s a great resources for learning about MBs/GPWs.

    According to the site, there were almost 8,600 MBs made during 1941, all of which would have had slat grilles vs. the stamped grilles that became common on most MBs and GPWs.

    One important feature you’ll be looking for is the lack of a glove box in the dash. If it is an MB body, but has no glove box, then it’s likely to be an early MB (while the grille could be swapped out, it’s much harder to swap the glove box into the dash).

    A word of caution: this jeep is in pretty rough condition. I’m not sure if there is much value there or not based on the pics. I’d have to check this one out in person to really say much about it.

    Best of luck,

    – Dave

  4. bluejeans

    thanks dave… i’ve save that page to my laptop so i can check it if i go look at it.

    fyi, i’m looking for an mb (or possible cj2a) tub for my project… don’t need the chassis or axles but DO need a title… in case you know or hear of anythingl

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Sure .. I’ll be happy to create a post as well if you’d like. Roughly where are you located?

  6. bluejeans

    great. i’m in idaho. grangeville/lewiston area.
    i have a bunch of toyota parts so figgure i’m going to use those for the chassis and running gear.. just need a good body to put on it.

    thanks again.

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