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No more need to Login


No need to login to view the submenus .. but I guess that temporary plan didn’t work anyway … fortunately I have no ego wrapped in my coding abilities!

Actually, I thought my logging in idea had worked for users, until a reader pointed out that he still couldn’t see the sub menus even after logging in (thanks Robert!).  It was then I  discovered that I was the only person that could see the submenus …. cool for me but sucks for everyone else 🙁

So, after spending the day beating my head against my desk for several hours, injecting caffeine, and playing basketball … and it was a good day for bball … I finally found the culprit (some javascript related to the slideshow in the sidebar).  So, for the time being there won’t be a slideshow of past posts, but there will be submenus.

Updates later (and I’ll answer some emails which i have ignored all day to track down this problem).

– Dave


One comment on “No more need to Login

  1. Kevin

    Being dumb when it comes to computers, I never had to sign in, even tho I read it somewhere, I jst thought I was special…..I just click my favorite bookmark, magically the site opens…

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