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1942 Slat Grille MB Austin, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $23,000

Looks great.

“1942 WILLYS “Stat Grille” (¼ ton General Purpose Vehicle) JEEP.

This JEEP has been fully restored to the military exactness as it came off the line in Toledo, Ohio on March 5, 1942. Military Serial Number is 124833 and common features included no glove box, a round muffler, oil bath air cleaner/air filter, rubber hood bumpers, solid wheels, two hinges on the tool box lids, three bolt spare tire carrier, no blackout driving lamps, makers name on the rear panel, and a slat grill on the WILLYS.

This early Jeep comes complete with a mounted Garand carbine replica, strapped ax and shovel, and canvas top, and the frame plate for machine gun mount.

All numbers match manufacturer’s designation: model MB, serial number, 124833, build number 24832, and official government contract numbers; 303-ORD-2529 and army quartermaster corp. 398-QM-888 order forms, and hood number assigned 2042364. “W” was added at the base to distinguish Willys from Ford in later runs. Original “Go-Devil” engine.

Around 200 slat grills are estimated to have survived through 2006, according to ARMY MOTORS, the official magazine of the Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc.

From there it served in the United States Army and was eventually retired to Ft. Bliss, OK as a base transport vehicle and was sold at public auction in 1955 to become a farm vehicle. Eventually it retired from its years as an agri-jeep to a salvage yard in Enid, OK where another farmer purchased it 1992 for $1,000. The present owner purchased it at a farm auction in Tuttle, OK on March 13, 2002 for the same $1,000. Although the Jeep was originally delivered to the government for $399.68.”


4 Comments on “1942 Slat Grille MB Austin, TX **SOLD**

  1. Simon

    Rifle bracket could have been added later as a field mod?

    Nice jeep, but too many things wrong with it for that price tag. Looks like somebody went crazy with OD in the engine compartment, bumperettes upside down, repro parking brake handle hasn’t been painted in same OD as rest of jeep, rear reflectors missing, rear lights are non-standard (are they CJ2?), .

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