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Builds: Egon’s Projects

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Recently, Egon, from Lichtenstein,  and I had been having a conversation about a Jeep project he’s trying to determine how to tackle.  Once again, the google online translation software has been effective enough to allow a conversation to occur.

Egon recently sent me some photos of his projects.  He’s done some very nice restorations.  Danke Egon!

Here’s a 1955 Steyr 15hp Tractor Restoration:

And a family of tractors:

Here is a 1968 Puch Haflinger he rebuilt (haflingers):

And here are a couple of great images of his Russian UAZ 469, which he says he took on a successful Elk hunting expedition in the Kirov region of Russia.  It sports a 2500 cc engine and has a max speed of 75KM/H


One comment on “Builds: Egon’s Projects

  1. Kevin

    Nice restoration, the man has many talents, I like those tires and lift…need a step ladder to get in! You know, it doesn’t matter what it is, old items are great to restore and see….thanks for sharing.

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