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Lew’s 1946 CJ-2A Montgomery, Ny $5000

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Lew dropped me a note today telling me about this jeep he’d like to sell.

Lew writes, “I have a CJ2A 1946 Willy that I would like to sell. It is in perfect condition and 100% original including original paint, tires etc… no rust, nor rot and basically has been in a time capsule. I acquired it when I purchased a farm a few years back and it was maintained in a barn.  It has a PTO and PTO Governor (no driveshaft). It has original canvas but no framework.  The asking price is US5k or best offer.  My contact number is 845.590.0927 and email address is”


8 Comments on “Lew’s 1946 CJ-2A Montgomery, Ny $5000

  1. robert

    OK, maybe not exactly “perfect” or rust free, but pretty cool! Area code shows, NY, is this correct?

  2. deilers

    I asked, but he didn’t provide the info and I forgot to ask again. I’ll do that right now.

    – D

  3. Robert

    Thanks Dave! I see this has a gov and possibly a PTO, too, cool! The “original paint” looks to be picket gray, but I don’t think this was available until 1947. Also, the plate on the window frame is not consistent with a 46 – maybe this is a 47 or later? Body looks straight. In any case, it’s cool, I like it. Wish I had more room and cash!!

  4. Robert

    No kidding, that was a no brainer..should’ve seen that comment coming!!. Actually, I just sank some of both into a SIII Rover. So, I will be letting go of one of my CJ2As…reluctantly it will be the 46 column shift 🙁 I swear, it’s a good thing I don’t have more room and cash or my wife would leave me. I’d fill it all up every nook and crannie with Jeeps and Rovers!!!!

  5. Jared1956

    It looks to be a 47 between serial numbers 83381 and 97740. According to my reference books, those are the only 47’s that would have had the recessed marker lights like this one has. Apparently they were eliminated early in 1947 model year production.

  6. deilers

    Interesting. I had wondered when those marker lights disappeared. I thought it was sometime in ’46, but I never actually looked it up. Thanks for the info!

    – Dave

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