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Crack in my engine block?


This weekend I spent some time messing with my engine.  One of the concerns I have had was that the whitish smoke that still slips out of the intake manifold hasn’t gone away.  I had hoped that was simply the rings not sealing, but I don’t believe it is anymore.

While checking the engine closely on Saturday, I discovered that there was some whitish, oily residue on the roof of the oil breather, which suggests coolant in the oil.  My radiator level was also a little low. Between that, the smoke, and the fact that it runs a little rough when under pressure, I now believe that somewhere on my left bank there is a crack. I suspect it’s the REAL reason the seller of my engine stopped using it.

Fortunately, I have an extra 3.8L block that appears in good shape (I’m already using the heads and crankshaft).  I would have used that block initially, except that it’s bored .030, while my Hypereutectic pistons are made for a stock bore.  So, I guess I’ll go back to .030 bore and the pistons that came with that block.

So, I’m going to get my block dipped and cleaned, pull the engine, rip it apart, and put everything back together.  It sounds like some good weekend fun …. I’m might redo the radiator setup while I’m at it — I have a new idea for that.


6 Comments on “Crack in my engine block?

  1. Mitch

    Could be a number of things, but no matter which way you turn it…it still sucks…. Good luck with finding the issue and I hope it’s an easy fix…

  2. Randy

    Hate when that happens. You could add some sealant in the radiator for a quick fix. Some say JB Weld works. Good luck.

  3. jamesholden

    motor honey and sawdust. just kidding, that sucks, nothing worse than unbuilding a build. i remember my first auto rebuild. i built a 383 stroker and th400 and shoed them in a 4×4 s10 kingcab. anyway had all my exhaust all welded in and remember my first heavy smokescreen up and down the street. missed something at the pump, had to cut all the exhaust drop and start over. guess it’s just part of the learn/build proccess. best of luck, hope it is easier than harder


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