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The Jeep CJ-4 at Hemmings

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A few years ago, Hemmings ran a post about an article they produced the CJ-4.  In the article, they discuss how the X-151 became the prototype CJ-4, the only one of it’s class made.  It was later sold to an employee, who later resold it to someone who stored it in a garage for years.

You can read all about it a Hemmings blog


2 Comments on “The Jeep CJ-4 at Hemmings

  1. Mitch

    AFAIK…this jeep is still out there…… It popped up a few years ago ( with time flying it was probably 10 years ago, lol). I don’t remember the details on whether it was sold or not but I believe the owner was planning a restore….

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