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1955 CJ-3B Des Moines, IA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500

(10/21/09) Here’s a pretty stock CJ-3B.

“This old Willys was origjnally owned by the city of Templeton, IA. I bought it about a year ago from a farmer who used it just around the farm, mostly to give his kids and grand kids rides off road. It started and ran when I got it, but was not dependable, reliable or street legal. I’ve done a lot of work (documented) to this old Willys here in my shop to make it safe, reliable, dependable, legal and most of all fun. The 6 bolt system and all of the original wiring has been replaced with a complete 12 volt system with custom wiring throughout. It has dual tail lights with license light, park lights, turn signals with dash indicator and working self cancel, horn, 2 speed custom (CJ5 parts) wipers, 2 speed custom heater blower motor with defrost tube, interior lights and a 12 volt power receptacle under the dash for what ever ( I use it to plug in my phone). The original seats have been replaced with new cloth covered seat assemblies from Vanderhaag truck parts. The passenger seat has been adapted to fit the flip seat bracket to allow access to the floor mounted tool box. Seat belts are a set of dated Simpsons out of my old race car. The rear facing functional flip fold CJ5 back seat sits atop a custom built frame and has retractable seat belts for 2 out of an old K5 Blazer. The top is in excellent condition. I put it on new last year. The 4×4 works excellent. In LOW LOW this unit will go just about anywhere. I’ve had it off road in the mud, snow, dirt, sand, up and down hills and then right out onto the road and headed for home. There’s been alot more done to this old Willys, including rebuilt park brake, new fuel tank and sender, belt, hoses, wires, plugs, carb rebuilt, custom installed CJ5 roll bar, etc, etc, etc. It’s not beautiful.”



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