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Year? M-38A1 Cedar City, Ut $1099

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This might be a good find.  This runs with the help of some starting fluid.  It is still 24 volt.  It probably doesn’t have a title.

“This a MB 24 volt system stock drive train with stock milatary wheels and lights…..this jeep ran and will still run if you jump it and a shot of starter fulid….I am not willing to get involed in starting it or messing around with it for the sake of selling it at this price….you need to be willing to look at it and take it away either for a project or parts….will trade for guns of the same value….just tell me what kind of guns rifle,shotgun or pistol it will just have the same value…..1 gun and cash whatever it is sold as is to the first person that comes to Cedar City with a trailer and picks it up.”


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