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Builds: John’s Family — Adoption Complete

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UPDATE:  John informed that he successfully adopted a 1959 CJ-5 that will complete his ‘family’.  It looks like it’s a great, straight CJ with a good foundation for a rebuild.  Congrats John!

John writes, “Dave, Our new family arrival, a 59 cj5. This unit came without eng. & trans & fer. It will get a Dauntles & org. trans & fer, & O/D. I’ll replace all floor pans , the rest of the tub is very good. It will get a four point cage. Disc front brakes, 11″ rear. Painted to match its stable mates.”

Here’s a few pics:

John shared this ‘family’ photo with me.  He noted that he’s hoping to adopt a 1959 CJ-5 to complete the family. You can see pics of ‘Brownie’ (CJ-3A) here.  And, some closeups of Brownie here.



11 Comments on “Builds: John’s Family — Adoption Complete

  1. greg

    Please add more photos and details about the CJ. John, what are your wheel and tire combination? Great looking family, in a great looking setting.

  2. John Waddle

    greg, tires are 32-11.50-15 Falls Courser MT. Wheels I’m not sure what they came on. They’re 8in. steel, no slots in dish, centered dish. I think they came on a mid 60’s Ford 4×4. There are some pics in John’s builds, a willys named Brownie, in this website about a year ago.But I’ll send a few more pics.

  3. greg

    Thanks John,
    Appreciate the reply. Brownie has the look I’m going for in my build. Mine won’t be brown, I’m leaning towards green right now. But I really like the look you achieved in your build, particularly the old school steel wheels and tires that appear just about right. Do the wheels have enough offset backspacing to allow lock to lock turns?

    Mine is a 47 CJ chassis and drive train with a 56 DJ3A body on it. It’s in fair shape as it is, but I do have some work to do to get it where it needs to be. It’ll never look as good as Brownie though. I have to do the brake upgrade and would like to add an overdrive as well.

    I’ve really enjoyed Dave’s website, it’s helped me with several insights and decisions.

    Thanks for the reply and info, I really appreciate it.

  4. John Waddle

    greg, the wheels allow a lock to lock turn. steering stops are set at the same place as for the stock wheel,.this are drum brake wheels.

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  7. Rob

    I would like to add some more “kids” to my “family” but the wife thiks we should just stick with the one….pretty selfish of her i’d say. Hey John what color are you gnna go with on the 59….hehe. Very nice family…i’m a bit jelous.

  8. harold wolfe

    I have a 59 cj5 with 28xxx miles origional paint. origional front seat upholstery. I do not need it. if you are interested in it E Mail Me. I believe the miles are correct. The man I bought it from said they were. Every thing is real tight and looks origional with overdrive. thanks

  9. John Waddle

    Harold, Sounds like a nice unit. I’ve e-mailed you with phone # please give me a call. Thank you JW

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