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1946 VEC? CJ-2A Greer, SC eBay … the last column shift?

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UPDATE: this is back on eBay

This CJ-2A appears to be a stock VEC CJ-2A with a serial number of 38965.  What makes this CJ interesting is that it is being sold by the second owner of the Jeep, the Jeep has matching numbers, and it’s a column shift.  What’s more interesting is that according to the CJ-2A site, column shifts were discontinued at number 38221.   So, it’s possible that this is one of the last column shift CJ-2As made.  Am I missing something?

“Low mileage – 64264 actual miles.  I am the second owner of this Jeep.  I have owned the Jeep since 1976.  This CJ-2A has all matching serial numbers, including the tag on the front frame horn.

This flatfender Jeep is an early 1946 model.  It has the original timing chain equipped Go-Devil flathead 4 cylinder engine and column shift 3 speed manual transmission.  The engine was rebuilt in the 1980s by my father and me.  The engine was bored 0.030 over, hardened valve seats were installed on the exhaust valves and the head was milled 0.020.  It has approximately 15,000 miles since the rebuild.  Has original “military standard” oil filter and oil bath air filter.  Also is equipped with a NAPA top cylinder oiler. Electrical system is 6 volt negative ground.  The Jeep has not been run in over a year and will need to be trailered or trucked.  It will need a new battery.

The driveline is all original with the addition of a Warn “All Range” overdrive unit.  The orignal column shift 3 speed transmission shifts solidly and does not pop out of second gear on deceleration as many of these older jeeps are prone to do.  Transfer case is original 2 speed and shifts great.  The rear axle is a Dana 41 and the front axle is a closed knuckle Dana 25.  Gear ratio is 5.38…. ”

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4 Comments on “1946 VEC? CJ-2A Greer, SC eBay … the last column shift?

  1. Bob

    Very cool that it has an overdrive, you don’t see many column shifts with an overdrive. I’ll bet that would throw some people off when they tried to drive it the first time.

  2. Brett

    Did the column shift always come with the same gear selection dash plate as a conventional floor shift? Being the plate shows the pattern of a floor shift.
    I have never driven a column shift vehicle, do the gear selections still have the same shift pattern or is it just back and forth (r,1,2,3) as would see in an automatic tranny selection.

  3. deilers

    I never thought about that Bob .. that’s a good point.

    Brett, I don’t think I’ve ever driven a column shift either.

    – Dave

  4. Oswald

    My Dad’s 2A a 46 is s/n #32157. It had a column shifter. It worked for a while but not for 4′ wheelin and gear jamm’in. So that stuff got stripped off the column and a top shift tower replaced the cover plate.

    Back in 79′ all that stuff went into the scrap pile.

    As far a driving it was kind of fun rowing up into 2nd gear.

    And the dash plate is the same. I think.

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