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C.W. McCall — Wolf Creek Pass

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Yesterday I played basketball, like I do most days of the week.  Before we got started, one of my basketball chums asks me if I’ve had any major injuries from basketball, which is normally a segway for the other person to tell me about their injuries. Fortunately, he’s a likeable guy and I new he’d have a couple good stories.

So, I tell him that when I was 20 I had a major sprain on my left foot and when I was 40 I had a major sprain on my right foot.  Otherwise, I’ve had the normal jammed fingers and such, but nothing else major … I’ve been pretty lucky I tell him.

After he gives me the complete run down on his major scars and basketball-related deformities, he asks how old i am.  I tell him 44.  He says, that I don’t look that old.  I wasn’t surprised by that statement; I get that a lot.  And, it’s working out well now, but when I was younger, say 20, I looked about 11.  That wasn’t so good ….

I bring up my age because, back in the day, we used to have these vinyl things we called records.  Now, this was before iTunes, before iPods, before CDs,  before boom boxes and even before Sony Walkmans.

It is true, I actually remember the day my cousin, for his 16th birthday (I was 16 at the time too) got a Sony Walkman II for his birthday.  It was 1981.  These were high-end, expensive devices.

It was soooo cool!  You could put a cassette tape in it and listen to music through high quality ear phones.  It was wicked!  The sound was amazing!  I wouldn’t say I was green with envy or jealous beyond reason, but I sure would have liked to have gotten one of those myself.  Anyway, I digress ….

I bring all this up because Gerald emailed me this morning, asking me if I remembered a singer named C.W. McCall and his album Wolf Creek Pass? He asked me this because he had just ran across some Youtube videos of Wolf Creek Pass, which aren’t ‘video’s’ so much as they are ‘audios’.

You see, this was before MTV, too.  And, despite whatever propaganda you might have heard, God didn’t create MTV on the 7th day.  No, I might be old, but I’m not so old that I remember hearing a Big Bang, yet am old enough to remember the launch of MTV, which might not have been a big bang, but was accompanied by a lot of noise.

That was when they used to play music videos on MTV, all day and every day, 24/7. This was when we skipped the occasional high school class or two to go watch MTV — yes truly rebels without a cause.  Ok, as you have probably already guessed, I never ran with the Lost Boy crowd or anything close to it.

Now, I speak of all these music references as if I’m some kind of audiophile; but I confess to never have been cool or hip enough to own much music.  When records were cool, I only owned a few.  When cassette tapes were all the rage, I was still listening to dad’s 8 track  John Denver albums (all 2 of them) — and that was only on trips to Idaho, as the only 8 track tape player was in our motor home. Well, there was also the Paint Your Wagon 8 track tape as well, which I memorized and can still sing pretty well to this day.

Of course, now that 8 track tapes might actually be cool again, I no longer have any 8 track tapes; I no longer own any cassette tapes; I might have a total of 10 CDs; my 15 year old son not only owns, but knows more about 80s music now that I ever did; But, I still own one record, one piece of vinyl, carefully stored at my parents house — C.W. McCall’s Wolf Creek Pass in its original Cover.

I remember the evening dad brought it home.  This was the first, and last, music dad ever brought home for me.  If I remember correctly, he didn’t even buy it, but rather won it somehow.  I’d never heard of the album nor C.W., but dad said there was a song about four wheel drive on it, about jeeps.  I put it on the record player and, sure enough, it was as close to a Jeep song as I was likely going to get.  I played that album more times than it deserved, because, no offense to Mr. McCall, but it wasn’t really very good.  No matter, though, I enjoyed it — as did Gerald, who played the title song ‘Wolf Creek Pass’ at his wedding. Perhaps only then did Gerald’s wife really understand what she was in for!!

So, for your listening pleasure, Gerald and I present a couple of C.W. McCall’s songs:

Four Wheel Drive:



6 Comments on “C.W. McCall — Wolf Creek Pass

  1. Mom

    Well Dave, I think I could still dig up that 8 track tape of Paint Your Wagon. We also have the movie on tape, of course. We continue to follow our tradition of being a step behind in technological equipment and the best of taste in out of date entertainment. I think the movie Paint Your Wagon has actually earned an extra star for its quality level over the years. Might be able to find a John Denver 8 track tape also for your nostalgic pleasure. But give me a few days warning if you really are interested. Are you ready for a song fest?

    Love, mom

    PS: You probably dont get many “love letters”

  2. Brett

    We is screamin’ through the valley
    Where the Nishnabotna flows
    Through the mud and crud and cornfields
    Where the mari-ju-wana grows
    ‘Cross the railroad tracks of Persia
    Down the hills and up the dale
    Had a CJ-5 with a four-wheel drive
    And Smokey on my tail.

    Well, she can dance a cajun rhythm, jump like a willys in four wheel drive. Greatful Dead- Sugar Magnolia

    LL Cool J Back Seat I wont post those lyrics here 😮

    There are a few others if you google for jeep songs

  3. deilers

    Well mom,

    ‘Tis true, I don’t get many love letters. I hope to keep it that way, too!! (except from you of course 🙂 )

  4. J.R. Welsh

    Well, leave it you dave to go there 🙂 I’ve got 6 years on ya and remember it well. The filmore and H.A. too.

  5. Steve

    The nishnabotna river and persia railroad tracks are in Iowa , and of course the corn is also…………..

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