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3 Jeeps, a Jeepster, and a Trailer Central Washington

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UPDATE:  The m-38 is still available, but I don’t know about the rest.

I’ve seen this Jeepster for sale, but other items haven’t been listed.  I am wondering if the  ‘M-38’ actually is an old MB with a replacement body.

1. 48 Jeepster, runs and has a L head engine. Most miles are towed since previous owner towed it to parades for 50 years. Needs right interior and some body work. $4500 The Jeepster is a driver and I drive it a few times a month.
2. Jeep project. CJ2A. Frame has had some work but needs brakes rebuilt. Engine was supposed to be rebuilt but need new cam. But its been painted nice. Has a decent body with just a piece that needs replace in tool box under the passenger seat and some minor dings smoothed out. Has nice windshield, hood and grille. I have 16″ wheels that need new tires but has tires on it now that are 15 inch to roll it around. Needs driver seat. I have everything else to put it together including two good fenders. $2000.
3. Project jeep that has engine that turns free by hand but missing starter and other external engine parts. Has windshield and grille now and needs front end work. Comes with a project jeep that the front frame broke off and needs welded on along with axles and other spare parts worth a lot. And also comes with a body that needs some welding. It was cut in half and stitched back together. $600
4. M38 with 302 that runs. Needs master cylinder installed and will run, but body needs welding since the guy who had it just fiberglassed it and bondo over that. So weld it back and its ready for the hill. It has a M38 hard top with doors. And M38 grille now too. Radiator needs installed. $1800 with a title but an error was made and the title says 43 instead of 53.
5. and last I have a trailer with data plates that was a fire dept pump trailer so has two holes that were in the side for hoses that are plugs and need welding. No lunette or landing gear or title. $800″


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