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Hill Climbing in Canada — From

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I have to say I’m a fan of Canada and Canadians.  Growing up in Seattle, Canada was only a 3 hour drive away, so I’ve crossed the border many times.  On the other hand, the Canadians keep sending me back … I don’t know what that’s about …

When I was 20, I had an opportunity to work in the San Juan Islands for a couple years, at the north part of San Juan Island itself at Roche Harbor (map).  Many Canadians boated over to enjoy Roche’s hospitality, perhaps as many as half the tourists were Canadian.  Because I had friends with boats, I had the opportunity to boat across Haro Strait and visit Victoria, BC, Canada.

There are four things I know about Victoria from personal experience:  1) The Royal BC Museum was a great place to visit; 2) There used to be a great knife store downtown that gave good discounts to chefs (I still have a couple of those knives); 3) There are places to drink in Victoria (which for a newly minted 21 year old was pretty fun); and 4) There were some very nice strips clubs downtown (which for a newly minted 21 year old … well, you get the picture).

I’ve also spent time in Vancouver.  During one memorable, well mostly memorable, experience, I attended the 1986 World Expo (and it turns out countries still hold world expos — the 2010 Expo is in Shanghai, China), which took place at the downtown facilities which held the recent Winter Olympic Games.  Me and 2 of my friends trekked up to the ’86 expo, without hotel reservations of course; instead, we spent two nights camped out in Vancouver.  The first night was on some land being developed right near downtown.  We just set up the tent, and jumped in (and a whole lot of traffic woke us up early the next morning).  The second night we found a walking trail a little farther out of downtown and jumped in the tent.  Oh, to be young again ….

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to do a search of flatties and Canada and happened across the website. After some looking around, I found a photo gallery, where I came across this image, posted by “waggone”.  I personally love to see those desert dogs reaching for the sky!


5 Comments on “Hill Climbing in Canada — From

  1. Mitch

    I remember Expo 86! My family went also…. Of course….In 1986 I was only 8 years old… We stayed at a little bed and breakfast deal and hit the expo over the course of a few days….I wish I could remember more of it….

  2. Brett

    Oh yes, I enjoyed visiting Victoria. Felt like we were in England. We ferried across from Port Angeles and spent a few days over there with then our 1 daughter. I have never been to England so maybe that isnt a valid comparison, only judging with pics. One of the highlights in my memory was getting to see the De Havilland Beavers come and go out of the harbor.

  3. deilers

    One of the things I just remembered was eating at the McDonalds at the fair. It was 3 levels — like 3 McDonalds stacked atop one another. Each level had seating and a cooking/serving/register area. It was nuts!

  4. Wes Kibble

    Awesome photo! I remember Expo 86…I have a picture of me as a kid beside the cement covered Willys on the highway or bridge that had all kinds of cement covered vehicles.

    Oh yeah…Canada Kicks Ass! 🙂

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