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3 Flatties Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000

“Thinking about selling my collection, will take offers. The yellow one is 1948 CJ2A that I have owned since 1977 area with good AZ title. Had a Buick v6 when I got it but later changed to a datsun 4 cyl, but currently no engine mounted in it. I boxed in the front frame & set up for chevy saginaw power steering box. Has stock 5:36 gear axles converted to full posi spools. The light brown aluminum top is from the frame only picture which is an MB.
The MB has no title but has been AZ forever. I have the front end w/ black out lights back to the cowl and front winshield cut through the floor area. The frame running gear is complete w/ turret mount and free floating rear axle. The engine is later model rebuilt 4 cyl. over head valve.  The black one w/ aluminum hard top I brought in from Wyoming 10-15 years ago. It is complete except for motor which is out and cracked from freeze and no body rust. Not sure what the correct model for it is but the cowl & windshield frame is same height as my CJ2A which has a round frame, this one has a square fram but not tall like a CJ3B that a buddy had. The hard top is extremely well made and looks like it has been there from original, real solid w/ more square aluminum cross braces & upright corners & removable panels than I have seen before. I have numerous extra parts from over the years, spare flat head blocks and stuff.

I bought the MB to rob the new engine, free floating rear end and hard top for my 2A because I bought 2 sets of new disc brake conversions and was going to install on all 4 corners w/ locking hubs on all for towing. Then I found the black one and the top w/ doors was to good to pass up. The disc brake seats I ordered new and are still in the boxes. Serious inqueeries only, not in financial problems just considering selling to best offer over 4K


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