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The J-8 … I mean, seriously … the WWII J-8?

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You are likely unfamiliar with the Willys Jeep WWII J-8.  Constructed in an underground bunker in Los Alamos by the same scientists who constructed the Atomic Bombs (they needed something to do on their days off) during WWII, this unique piece of WWII history wasn’t released until decades later by the folks at Chrysler.  (ok, so I made that last bit up — hey, it will be April Fools on Thursday — but I didn’t make up this Ad).

“Custom World War II Willy’s Jeep Army Edition J-8 Lookalike. Why shell out over $50K+ for an authentic Military J8 that you cant drive on the road when u can get this 4 door version for tens of thousands less? ….”


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