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Gerald’s brother completes the ‘1 Year Build’


Gerald and his brother have completed his brother’s low budget build.  It just demonstrates that with some creativity, a low budget build can look great!  Nice work guys. To see more, go here.


6 Comments on “Gerald’s brother completes the ‘1 Year Build’

  1. dan

    i like it! is there a link to more info on the build we cn see? i like the tire size on it too.. are those 31’s?
    thumbs up

  2. deilers

    well .. I thought I had added a link … I guess I got too busy watching the NCAA Championship! It will be fixed in a few moments.

    – D

  3. Chris

    Pure Jeep awesomeness. Except for the color and the Swampers, this is pretty much exactly how I’d want my own daily driver Jeep CJ-2A to look like. (If I actually had one, that is.) What was the budget for building this one? I’ve been trying to do some research on what it would cost me to get a good daily driver Jeep, even though I’m far from having enough cash to get everything.

  4. deilers

    The jeep was bought in pieces, with a good deal of work completed, for $1000. They built the rollcage from existing tubing they had. Gerald can comment on any additional significant costs. I suspect the tires and rims (which were a present to his brother) were about as expensive as the rest of jeep combined.

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