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Enter Pepsodent’s Contest and Win A Jeep!

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From the Sunday News (and Duke University’s Digital Collection Archives) comes this October 7, 1945, contest advertisement.  What I find very interesting is the color scheme.  I do not recollect seeing any jeeps with this color scheme.  Does anyone know if this was a custom color scheme of some kind for Pepsodent or simply an artist’s creative license?


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  1. deilers

    Hi Roberto,

    The only information I have is here:

    I can only guess, but I suspect this was a Lever Brothers Company illustration, meaning it was developed inside the company.

    I really should have taken a closer look at the actucal contest. I think it’s fascinating. The winners had to suggest why they would not cash in their war bonds. It got me wondering what the motivation behind the contest was….

  2. deilers

    Here’s a very large version of the illustration:

    Note the following:

    1. It’s a column shift (they mention this in the copy, too)
    2. It has “Jeep” on the hood instead of Willys
    3. It has full floating rear hubs
    4, It has weights on the front
    5. It has “Jeep” on the bumper

    This had to have been based on an early farm jeep (cj-2 or earlier).

    It’s really an interesting AD!

    – Dave

  3. deilers

    According to the advertisement, Bob Hope was supposed to announce the winner ‘as soon as possible’ following the close of the contest. That would put the announcement early in 1946. I did some research of bob hope shows to see if I could find out the answer, but I didn’t have any luck.

    – Dave

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