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From Long Haul Truck to Hot Rod

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So, you have an extra $100,000 and 3000 hours.  What do you with yourself?  Randy Grubb decided he’d build a Hot Rod out of a long haul truck.  Popular Science magazine highlights Randy’s efforts.  Though it has nothing to do with jeeps, I thought it was worth mentioning.

What I really liked was the before and after pics.  In the before pic, you can see how he arranged the parts so he could visualize what he was building.  Any of us who have done projects like this where there aren’t specific instructions/directions can relate.  I can’t tell you how many times I put on and took off the jeep body to make sure it fit in the right spot, not too far forward, not too far back, not to high, was it straight — then stand back and ponder and take a few pics and adjust and ponder …. details, details, details.  It’s all part of the fun :-).

Despite it’s fun design,  this wasn’t just some show vehicle.  When Randy was finished, he drag raced it at 100 mph.  Now that’s a HOT Rod!

I’ve included the before pic (taken by Randy’s wife).  You can see the after pic result and read all about the transformation at


One comment on “From Long Haul Truck to Hot Rod

  1. Paul

    This is one way cool hot rod, I’d love to hear the exhaust barking thru the stacks. A most excellent use of time and money!

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