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1947 Stainless Flattie Oakland, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“This is a very rare WWII 1947 Willys. I put jeep in the title for locating purposes only. IT IS NOT A JEEP MANUFACTURED VEHICLE. It is a 1947 WWII willys, with original engine and drivetrain. The body was hand built by skilled craftsmen in 1974 in the philippine islands. It has a complete stainless steel body. The engine was rebuilt about 3-4 years ago by an ASE certified mechanic. It runs and drives like new and has no problems that I am aware of. It has been used mostly in shrine parades and ridding the grandchildren around on the farm. It has been stored in a climate controlled shop most of its life. It naturally has no rust anywhere on it. The tires are very old and do have signs of dry rot, but have excellent tread and if not going on a long trip, should be fine for several more years. I have heard that several were built in the 70’s, but I wouldn’t think that very many are still around. The vehicle comes with a full enclosure and as far as I can tell all the snaps and attachments are in good working order. The vehicle has never been wrecked or disassembled whatsoever. The miles showing on the speedometer are true and correct. There are no dents that I have seen at all. There are some very lite wear scratches in the stainless body from getting in and out or wiping dust off without the proper cloth. Again these are very lite and would probably not be noticed, but I did want to mention them.”


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