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1947 CJ-2A Loveland, Co $1850

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UPDATE:  Price dropped to $1850. As Brett and JR note below, the battery box suggests the body is from a M-38.  I lighted up the passenger side image using photoshop, but couldn’t spot any tool indents.  I also tried lightening up the rear facing image, but couldn’t learn anything about the dashboard.

(10/01/2009)  “1947 willys CJ2A jeep. Vehicle has been stored for past several years. New battery, wheel cylinders, and fuel pump. Engine runs and is drivable but not road worthy as yet. Has tow bar, PTO winch and trailer hitch. Engine and frame is civilian and the body is a used military replacement. No major rust, seats are in good condition.”



3 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Loveland, Co $1850

  1. Brett

    The craigslist ad has been updated and he said he has driven it. What do you think the body came off of MB/GPW? I see it has a battery box but no port on the passenger side (m-38) but no indents either (that i can see).

  2. J.R. Welsh

    Good eye Brett,

    I’d say M38 too. the tool indents could have just been bondoed or mybe hiding in the shadows. But then as I look again the fuel filler is the smaller CJ type so…………………………


  3. deilers

    I’d say that battery box lid looks like it came from a M-38, but everything else looks cj2 ish. It is possible that during a rebuild the cowl was replaced, but this doesn’t look like it’s been through that type of rebuild. The grille suggests this is an early ’47.

    – Dave

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