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It didn’t seem like 400 miles — Willys Wagon Brochure

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I can’t say I’ve been in a Willys Wagon for 400 miles at a time, but I do imagine that what the woman is trying to say is that it seemed more like 1400 miles than 400 miles ….

I found this wagon ad here


3 Comments on “It didn’t seem like 400 miles — Willys Wagon Brochure

  1. Brett

    I cant say I’d like to be couped for 400 miles driving in anything wearing a suit. Agreed, I think they left out the 2nd part of the quote.

  2. Steve E.

    Boo on you, Brett. (lol) I’ve driven my Willys Wagon several times from one end of CA to the other, over 500 miles. It seemed like 500 miles. Of course, I wouldn’t want to do it without an ovedrive. I’ve also driven my 4 cyl. Jeepster several times over 600 miles on day trips to Willys America and back. (A very long day. lol)

  3. deilers

    Well then, there is truth in the advertising?

    The longest I drove my old jeep was 563 miles. I drove from Vantage Wa (technically the beverly Sand Dunes) to Coeur d’alene, Id, spent about 2 hours there, then drove some blue highways back to Anacortes, Wa (where my buddy and I caught the ferry back to San Juan Island at 6am in the morning).

    And, that was when I didn’t have a top or heater. Let me just say that driving down Steven’s Pass at 4am on a September morning was cold! My eyes were bleary and I was seeing things on the road that weren’t there. My arms were shaking a bit from the cold. Oh, to be 21 again and so carefree 🙂

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