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1948 Jeepster Pennsylvania eBay

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Mark spotted this project.  As Mark noted, this appears perfect for those bondo-challenged rebuilders among us.

“I have a nice 1948 Willys Jeepster project up for auction. The owner of this car had me store it for him over 3 years ago and I haven’t heard a word from him since. By now the storage fees out way the value of the car so the car now belongs to me and is for sale. There is no title for this car due to this situation and that’s why its listed in this section. NOW THE GOOD.  The car was painted at a local car dealership and then moved into my climate controlled shop and has been here since, just like you see it. It looks like it was painted yesterday. Body is great,  all of the yellow and black painted parts seen in pics are ready to reinstall. The frame was stripped and repainted black when the body was done.  A great car to start putting back together. Other parts include the engine, radiator, convertible top frame, seats, moldings, glass, tons of small parts, etc. We were told it was all there when it arrived. Not being an expert, it’s hard for me to say. I cannot find a VIN number, frame numbers etc,  but all seems to be original as we were told by the last owner. The interior of the body is still in need or restoration. the dash was stripped and primed inside. Under the cowl is super clean. The underbody around the floor pans has not been painted but has been mostly sanded clean. I believe a RH rear fender was replaced or worked at one time due to “new” looking exposed metal in the inner wheel well. I would be glad to answer any questions if I can. Other pics also availible.  Feel free to ask. Car is also availible for personal inspection in my shop Thanks!”

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