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Shed of Dreams

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A shed of dreams?  I came across the phrase while, as usual, searching for something else.

As best as I can put together, the shed was located in Greece and was full of old MBs, GPWs, Parts, and more. The Jeep Draw website has a large number of images showing rows of old jeeps. One pic shows at least 20 jeeps sitting 3 rows high.

According to Thomas Jacobson’s jeep website (which has some good jeep info), the  shed of dreams existed as late as 2001, as that is when Thomas visited the shed and took a whole bunch of pictures.

According to a discussion thread on the Steel Soldier’s website, the shed no longer exists as the jeeps have been sold.

Here is an example of one of Thomas’s images:


4 Comments on “Shed of Dreams

  1. jamesholden

    guess i could find out. frank berg, who took the photos, is the norwegian that bought my vec


  2. Michael Myers

    yes, james is correct.frank is in Norway…that quonset hut with all of the jeeps and tanks is in Norway….all of the stacked jeeps are from the Greek Army, decomisioned several years ago, and bought, and transferred to Norway 🙂

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