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1940s GPWish Pittsburg, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Still Available and pics now provided.

(04/16/2010) “Military Jeep for sale. Yes it runs! Working motor, running gear, transmission. I have video of it being driven around our yard if you are interested. I hate getting rid of it but we have too many projects going on after buying a house. Don’t want to see this rust away.

1942 Ford GPW frame, hood, windshield, grill, and other misc parts (all still have their F stamp visible)
1945 Military engine (running) with new fuel pump
1946 Willy’s tub and transmission

– seats
– fuel tank (we just put the fuel line into a gas tank when we run it)
– drive shaft (it fell out when we flat towed it to our new place)
– tires (2 are flat though they’ll hold air long enough to tow it home or put it up on a trailer)

We sanded all the old paint off of it and it is primer gray but we never got further than that.
I have pics on a different computer. I’ll post them soon.Please note we do not have a title for it, it will be bill of sale only. According to the CHP you just need to get a VIN verification done on it (simple as bringing it down to the CHP office) and DMV will then issue title and registration.”


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